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American Ginseng

Wisconsin Grown Ginseng

Zen Ginseng Inc, which operates Wisconsin American Ginseng, Wild Ginseng, Bird's Nest, Cordyceps, Deer Antler, Lingzhi and other traditional and precious Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese patent medicines, health products, and health foods as its pillar industries. It is based on organic planting and cultivation, new product research and development, The advantages of processing import and export, the products sell well in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Since the 1970s, Zen Ginseng have been popular in the global Chinese society. Today, Zen Ginseng Inc uses the United States as its research base to create a new international brand of advanced health products and organic food.


Zen Ginseng Inc located in New York, has gathered science and technology management, and has long been committed to the research and development of high-concentration, high-nutrition, easy-to-absorb, easy-to-take, and easy-to-carry high-end tonics. It is produced and processed in strict accordance with US FDA regulations. Raw material selection, biochemical treatment, physical inspection, analysis and appraisal, concentration and purification to exquisite packaging, finished product listing, marketing planning, after-sales service, U.S. ginseng company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, life first", strives for perfection, and fully guarantees a series of products The consistent characteristics of "Western-made Chinese medicine, high quality and low price".

From Wisconsin Ginseng Farm

Zen Ginseng Inc in addition to its own Wisconsin American ginseng/American ginseng ginseng field, its own organic agricultural biotechnology park, and a GMP pharmaceutical factory, the American Continent of American Ginseng Company also directly selects high-quality raw materials from the origin of American bird’s nest to make the American Continent All kinds of medicines and health products produced by ginseng are fully technologicalized, serialized and large-scaled. At the same time, the accumulation of long-term scientific research results and the westernized group management have led to a significant drop in the cost of products of American Zen Ginseng Inc, while still maintaining high-quality Zen Ginseng Inc's mid-range tonic series, such as the brand of Zen Ginseng Inc. (ZEN GINSENG) American ginseng/American ginseng series: Capsules, deep-sea fish oil, American ginseng powder, wild ginseng capsules, protein powder, etc. have become the first choice of gifts for Chinese in the world.

Zen Ginseng stores do not forget their homeland, and are willing to allow Chinese companies to share their reputation and popularity in North America for many years, the advantages of solid sales network resources, and the experience, intellectual property rights and patents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to report on the operating specifications. Application, clinical phase 1 and 2 successful experience. The company welcomes Chinese companies to become members of Zen Ginseng Inc on the basis of scientific assessment of mutual benefit. At the same time, it assists Chinese companies and talents to enter the Western economy and society, and allows Chinese "new, strange, wild and special" food, health products, and traditional Chinese The products of the Cheng Pharmaceutical Company are exhibited and sold in the American business hall of Zen Ginseng Inc, and the agent wholesales the huge sales market in North America.

Zen Ginseng New York Store

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